Our Fleet

E-Class Mercedes, a Comfort car  

Wellington Cars offers a Luxury chauffeur service best suited for VIP travel, weddings and special occasions. The most popular in the Luxury line is our S Class Mercedes, with a new sleek design, highest levels of comfort and top of the range technology the Mercedes is a Prestige vehicle second to none.

All The S Class models have extra legroom and tinted windows.

Our Comfort models are based on the elegance and safety of the past 60 years, the Mercedes E Class.
This traditional model has been a minicab drivers trademark for most of the licensed private hire industry and proof positive that the Mercedes is a welcome choice for passengers.

Versatility does not come in any shape or size the same way as the Mercedes Viano.
Classed as a Multi purpose vehicle, the Viano can carry up to 7 passengers and 10 pieces of luggage.

As well as having the choice of row or conference seating, chairs can be removed conveniently for occasions where more space is needed.

As standard, the Viano is of full spec including leather seating and panoramic roof.
This model is comfort, style and space.

The Volkswagen Caravelle is our Space model, enabling up to 8 passengers and 13 pieces of luggage to be transported with comfort and the assurance of economical travel.
Again, the Caravelle has a high tech interior and safety points as standard.

Standard Saloon. (everyday)

Wellington Cars provides a standard minicab service with the customers thoughts in mind. This remains our top priority –  Reliability, Punctuality and Competitive pricing.

Even with rising fuel prices and costly insurance, we still maintain our values and do not pass the costs onto our customers.

We try to maintain consistency in our fleet of midrange Saloon cars, these vehicles start from medium booted, which can carry up to 4 passengers and 2 large suitcases to estate models which are able to carry 4 passengers and 4 large suitcases*

Our drivers are experienced and knowledgeable and always smartly dressed.

At the office and drivers discretion we will, if possible and have been advised with notice, carry a pet on request. We will carry all guide dogs when requested.
Please advise us if you require larger cars to accommodate wheelchairs or large prams.
We have an assorted range of baby/child travel seats, if you require one, please ask at the time of booking.

In the local area, we endeavour to keep our collection times to a minimum, approx 10 minutes.
This however can sometimes be hindered by traffic, adverse weather conditions or the occasional mishap!
We will advise at the time of booking if the delay is longer, therefore giving you the option to make alternative arrangements.

Wellington cars prides itself on our customer care and if you feel we have not provided you with the best possible service we would like to hear your comments.